July 8, 2011

Bracy set to announce college choice

Being a dual sport standout is a challenge for any athlete. Boone (Orlando, Fla.) wide receiver Marvin Bracy is no exception. But his performance on the football field and track speaks for itself. Not many can attain the high level of success Bracy has as a four-star wide receiver and track star.

Next Thursday at 4:30 PM, Bracy will be chase that finish line again, but this time it's to announce his college choice. After months of recruitment by some of the top teams in the country, the Rivals250 member will announce his college choice.

"I will be picking between Texas A&M, LSU, Florida, and Florida State. I'm relieved it's going to be over with," said Bracy. "'ll still take my visits, but this decision is pretty much it for me. All four schools have solid track programs, so that was part of the decision. But also how I would fit into their systems on the football field."

The 5-foot-10, 162 pound receiver broke down what he liked about each team to Warchant.com:

Texas A&M

The football team didn't do too bad last year going 9-4 I believe. They are also putting together a strong recruiting class and certainly have shown to be the best track program - winning three straight national championships.


The Tigers have always had a strong track and football team, especially when you look at the fact that they play in the SEC. I certainly feel as a player both on track and football I could fit in there.


Florida they also have a tremendous track team and eventhough they finished 3rd in Track this year two of the events they didn't even finish in so if they would have finished you never know what could have happened. It's a great school with combination of football and track.

Florida State

FSU had a strong year on the football field, winning 10 games and playing for an ACC title. Then, they finished off their season with a good win over South Carolina, a strong power in the SEC. That's what good coaches can do. They also have a strong track and field team that finished second in the championships.

Although he has his top teams broken down, does Bracy already know in his mind where he'll be going?

"Yes sir. I know. The coaches I'm committing to also know about the decision since I've told them I will be making it public next week," he said. "The decision was never really stressful for me since all the coaches were great, but it is a little bit of a relief to have my decision out of the way. I'm ready to make that choice. I was going to wait a while, but figured why wait, I should just make a decision now.".

One of his finalists, Florida State has always been strong contender for his services, especially because of the success of both their football and track programs.

"FSU offensive line coach Rick Trickett is my personal recruiter. I really like him because he's so straight about everything. Since I'm not an offensive lineman, I probably get to see the fun side out of him. I have a good relationship with all four schools. Most have made it clear they want me as a slot receiver and kick-off specialist, which is where I've wanted to play all along."

Warchant.com also briefly spoke with Ricky Argo, Bracy's track coach at Boone. He talked about what makes his star sprinter such a tremendous student athlete.

"Marvin is a sponge. What I mean is this kid soaks up everything that you tell him as a track guy. The thing people have to understand is Marvin is a football guy, a running track," Argo explained. "Marvin's only been running track for a year, so how quickly he has developed gives people the impression he's been running his whole life. For a guy to do what he does in such a limited time is flat amazing and he's the best track sprinter I've worked with."

Agro went on to describe what makes Bracy so special and describes the kind of drive he has to be the best.

"What stands out so much about Marvin is his mental make-up that he is never satisfied or happy. He ran a 10.05 time in the 100 a while back in Oregon and Marvin was ticked off because he thought he could have gone faster," Argo said. "That's what makes him such a unique and special talent with his constant drive. You have to remember he ran a 10.05 with a pulled hamstring or strain. Who knows what he could have run if that strain wasn't there. As I said before he's a very special kid that loves football, who also has a strong passion to run track."

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