November 14, 2011

Dye takes a close look

Back in September, Elbert County junior running back Tyshon Dye said he had some reservations about Georgia, unsure of exactly what role the UGA coaching staff saw him fitting in.

He had made it very clear he would like to play running back at the next level, but didn't know if the Dawgs thought he'd fit better in at linebacker after not hearing from them in a while, and then being contacted by a defensive coach on Facebook. Still, he said he wanted to make sure he got to the Classic City to see the Bulldogs play sometime before the season was through.

With the opportunity to see home games running out, Saturday's match up against Auburn fit into the 6-foot-1, 200-pound target's schedule and he hit the road to check out a game day in Athens.

A big time game, full of big time recruits, set the stage for an exciting and enjoyable visit according to Dye.

"Oh, I love Georgia. I've liked them since I was little, you know. It was a really great experience. I got to see a lot of good recruits, got to go on the sideline and enjoy a good game," Dye said. "I think it was crazy, it was loud, especially when (Bacarri) Rambo caught the interception and then ran for a touchdown."

Sanford Stadium was rocking during the 45-7 rout of the Tigers, and Dye said the postgame scene was just as electric.

"Oh, It was crazy (in the locker room). I think it was No. 7, the big guy, Orson (Charles). He was like telling us this is the place to be, and stuff like that," Dye said. "He said, 'If y'all like that stuff we did, y'all come to UGA and it's gonna feel like this a lot.'"

One particularly good feeling Dye said was when he got to talk with some Bulldog coaches, notably the one at the position Dye wants to play.

"Actually, I got to talk to the running back coach (Bryan McClendon) and coach (Mark) Richt," Dye said. "They were asking me how my game was and school, who our next opponent was, and have I took the SAT yet, and stuff like that. And Mark Richt told me, 'You already know how we feel about you,' and stuff like that."

Dye also said he got to spend time with 2012 fullback commit Quayvon Hicks, one of the Dawgs self-proclaimed recruiters.

"Quayvon is a cool guy. He's funny. I can't remember exactly what he said, but I know he was talking about how he can't wait to get up there," Dye said. "When he was on the sideline, he was like, 'Man, this just makes me want to work harder,' and stuff like that. So we were just talking."

Dye said that after seeing so many young players standout on the field for the Bulldogs, he also had a good feeling about the program recognizing who puts in work and giving them an opportunity.

"It makes me see them good, you know. They actually had a lot of young players and they stepped up to the plate, and they've been doing pretty good lately," Dye said. "It gives me hope. Feel like I could play. I'd like to be at a place where I'd have a chance to play right off the bat."

Dye, who also visited Clemson in September, said he only has his eyes on one more game this year.

"I'm kinda looking forward to the Rising Senior Bowl, I got invited to that," Dye said. "So I look forward to that at the end of football season."

So, without any college games left to attend on his schedule, Dye said he hasn't carved out a commitment timeline, but has an idea of how he would like for it to look.

"I was kinda hoping I would get into the Under Armour game, " Dye said. "And I was thinking about trying to commit there.''

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