January 28, 2012

Wiggins gets some news

After a huge defensive back class in 2011 with six signees, it appears as if Georgia will sign a maximum of two secondary players for 2012.

The Bulldogs will likely aim higher in 2013.

Sandy Creek cornerback Shaquille Wiggins became the first offer at his position for 2013 on Saturday, and it came after an unusual set of events.

"I didn't make it to Junior Day today, but I called Coach (Rodney) Garner, and he kind of made me feel bad for not making it," said Wiggins. "He told me 'you don't have any love for Georgia man? You don't love the Bulldogs.' Then he offered me. It was good news."

The fact that Wiggins didn't make it to Junior Day had his phone ringing even before the Georgia offer.Mp>"My teammates that were there (Alan Knott and Demarre Kitt) were calling me and texting me that I was stupid for not coming," said Wiggins. "Then when Coach Garner called, I was thinking that I should have been there."

The Sandy Creek speedster already had three SEC offers from Tennessee, Ole Miss, and Missouri, but the fourth one is a little more special.

"I feel that this is great and I am really happy right now," said Wiggins. "It puts me up there with the top players in the state. It shows that you are being recognized by some of the top programs in the nation and Georgia is one of them. No question about it. It makes me feel good about what I'm doing."

Before the Bulldogs offered, Wiggins was sporting 11 offers.

Now that he has a clean dozen, things are changing.

"It really doesn't change it that much, but on the other hand it does." he said. "With these new schools recruiting me and offering me, I just have to take it all in stride and kind of calm down and look into the schools. I don't want to go to a school because of the name. It just keeps me more humble and keeps my head on the right track. It tells me that I am doing some pretty good things and I just need to keep doing them."

While he gathers all of the information on the different school that have and will offer, Wiggins has one season left at Sandy Creek.

"Right now I'm trying to work on my overall skills as a defensive back," he said. "I know I need to get much bigger too. We are also focusing as a team. Our first goal is a region championship then a state championship, and we are just working to make that happen. We are just going to play Sandy Creek football, team football, and we know the rest will come."

Wiggins had Virginia on top early in the process, but since other offers have come in, things aren't as clear as they once were.

"Right now, in no order, I would say Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Ole Miss, and Michigan," said Wiggins.

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