July 16, 2012

Film Study: Shaun McGee

Brookwood linebacker Shaun McGee, who just became the 22nd member of Georgia's 2013 recruit class, gives the Bulldogs a great deal of versatility.

At first glance, some may not be excited about adding a three-star linebacker at this stage in the process, but McGee is the type of player that could play for almost any team in the country, and has flown under the radar thus far.

Where he is great: One of the most appealing parts of McGee's game is that he is extremely versatile. He can rush the passer from the edge, flip his hips and get into coverage, or even back up and play a true linebacker position against the run.

He also has an excellent frame and should have no problem playing at close to 250 pounds at the next level. He has long arms and a flexible, explosive lower half that allows him to gain leverage and keep it.

As a pass rusher, he is dynamic from the outside and can use a variety of moves to get to the passer. He uses his hands well and understands how to counter the move of the offensive lineman if he over plays the speed rush.

Where he is good: McGee has the ability to play down hill, and has the skill set to fit well against the run. At this point in his career, he has the type of athleticism to do just about anything on the field.

He is also a smart player with solid instincts. He is very coachable, and is the kind of prospect that will do whatever his team needs to win. He has solid to good straight line speed, and does a great job taking appropriate angles to get to the ball carrier and make tackles.

Where he needs work: When not rushing the passer, McGee is still a prospect that is quite raw. He has the athleticism and skill set to play in space, but he isn't comfortable just yet because he hasn't done much of it.

As a defensive player in general, he needs more experience as he has played a lot of tight end in high school. He also tends to play and tackle a bit high, and needs to work on using a more appropriate pad level.

When facing the run, he relies on being bigger, stronger, and faster than most players to get off blocks, so he will need to add to that area of his game to be elite.

Overall: McGee is a very low risk and potentially high reward type of player. He has excellent upside and his versatility almost guarantees that he will make an impact for UGA. He can be a special teams star early on until he fully develops his game, or he could be the type of guy that will study hard and be hard to keep off the field as a freshman. Due to his football intelligence and ability to be coached, there is very little chance that he isn't productive. While watching his film and watching him in person, the best comparison is a poor man's Jarvis Jones. He isn't as explosive or dynamic, but his overall game, frame and versatility are very similar.

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