July 30, 2012

A Big Splash in Norman is Heritage's Heritage

It seems there is no better way to steal big headlines than for a Delray Beach (Fla.) American Heritage standout to head to Norman, Okla.

First the program's star running back, Greg Bryant, tripped to Norman in the spring and committed to the Sooners while on campus. A few months later class of 2015 Heritage star Desmond Cain showed up in Norman for the Sooners June summer camp and though no offer nor commitment was made that's not to say that Cain's presence wasn't felt from the beginning to end.

Cain was first noticed by defensive backs coach Mike Stoops working with the underclassmen and was quickly sent to work with the elite junior and seniors on hand. And even among the highly talented group Cain stood out.

"I came up when my coach asked me if I'd like to come to Oklahoma, and I told him yes sir, I wouldn't mind. And I went up and just did what I did. Before I went to sleep the night before camp, I just thought I had to do what my coaches told me to do," Cain said. "(Stoops) was saying that they were going to keep watching me. He didn't want me going with the younger guys, he just kept me at defensive back.

" I wasn't thinking about getting noticed when I went up there, I was surprised when it happened."

Though the second-term Sooner assistant tried to keep Cain exclusively working with the defensive backs he did on occasion work a few reps at receiver - where he again stood out as one of the camp's elite players.

According to Cain, he features at wide receiver for Heritage but cornerback is where he is at his most comfortable.

" I feel kind of comfortable, right now I kind of like defensive back," he said. "Right now they have me starting at wideout and the only way I'm on defense is if we're in nickel personnel and I come in at free safety. We have two seniors coming back."

Interestingly for a young player putting together such an impressive few days of work, it was Cain's first chance to workout in a camp environment.

"That was my first ever camp, the first ever school that I went to, I was kind of shocked," he admitted.

It was also his first time in Oklahoma and against competition from a completely different region. For the 6-foot, 170-pound Cain there were a few differences from the players he faces back in the Sunshine state.

"They were just a little taller, the receivers (in Florida) don't do a lot of hand-fighting, they just try and get to their routes. It's going to be different from Florida, so I kind of expected that coming in," he said.

Aside from the players on campus Cain also had three days to spend walking around Oklahoma's camps and getting a feel for what Norman was like. Although students were home for the summer he says he still had a chance to see what his good friend, Bryant, had seen in Norman.

"It was real different, it is pretty quiet, there wasn't that much to do, but of course it seemed like that because I couldn't leave the campus," he said. "Really thought it was more about working out at the camp. I went in the locker room and the equipment room but that was about it."

So what was it that Mike Stoops left Cain thinking about - could an offer be coming at some point during his sophomore year?

"He just told me he is going to watch me a whole lot this year and I should get some little brochures," he said.

After the camp in Norman Cain also attended one of Florida's summer camps and caught the eye of receivers coach Aubrey Hill.

"I went down to UF and went down to the camp that they had," Cain recalled. "Yeah coach Aubrey Hill told me he is actively recruiting me, I should be getting letters from them before too long."

That being said, it's another SEC school that Cain says he is hopeful will take notice of his ability at cornerback.

"I really was hoping to hear from LSU, and I think I'm going to attend their camp next year, I like their defensive backs," he said.

Cain has had a chance to watch his friend Bryant go through the recruiting process and says that they've spent plenty of time together this off-season. However, he is also aware, thanks to many of his teammates, that he is fortunate in the attention he is already receiving.

"Actually, (Bryant and I) know each other very well, we work out every weekend," he said. "All this attention, it means a lot to me, but I just walk around the locker room, the older guys say I'm lucky. I know I am, and want to keep working."

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