May 18, 2013

DeBerry a Top Prospect in 2015

When looking for some of the top prospects in the country, North Carolina has no problem heading up towards Virginia to find some of the top talent around.

This year and next year will be no different, as the coaches have had their hand in Virginia, scoping and talking to some of the top talents around.

In 2015, one name that already has made a splash in the recruiting world, is Ricky DeBerry an outside linebacker (who has played multiple positions in high school) from St. Christopher's out of Richmond, Va.

DeBerry is a 6'2", 237 pound linebacker/defensive end is a very athletic player on the defensive side, but is still looking to learn the techniques of his position, as he has just recently transformed into his position from defensive end to linebacker.

When asking DeBerry about his strengths and weaknesses, this is what he had to say.

"I feel like I have a strong IQ for the game, and also my first step off the ball (when talking about his strengths). I have good speed for my size as well. As far as weaknesses I just want to become better at everything. I don't want to work on one particular thing. I want to work on everything."

He later continued describing his game to THI, as if one had asked him to describe himself in one word, DeBerry replied with "terminator."

"If you look at the movie terminator, no matter what they did it kept on coming and wouldn't stop and that's how I am. I won't stop," replied DeBerry.

Schools all over the nation have been enticed by DeBerry's athletic ability, as he currently holds 27 different offers from schools around America.

Virginia, Purdue, North Carolina, East Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Clemson, Missouri, Arizona State, Baylor, Michigan State, Miami, South Florida, Duke, Ole Miss, Mississippi St., South Carolina, Penn State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Vanderbilt, and Boston College are all schools that have offered DeBerry, with more probably to come in the future.

However, DeBerry said that since he is a 2015 prospect, he hasn't really been able to communicate with anyone, so right now; all the schools are on a level playing field.

Coach Bell has been in to see DeBerry, as he took a visit to see him while DeBerry was working out and lifting weights.
"UNC is a good school for defensive lineman and also the academics," DeBerry told TarheelIllustrated recently.

Right now, DeBerry doesn't seem to have any timetable or be in any rush to make drastic decisions for his future.

However, he did mention to THI that he will be taking one visit to Oklahoma in June and will be looking to make his decision his senior year of high school. DeBerry has already been to visit North Carolina, as stated in an earlier article from TarheelIllustrated.

DeBerry is a leader on and off the field, as he will look to develop even more in the coming years, wherever he may play in college.

His leadership and intensity are two of his best attributes he carries on the field, as in the coming years, DeBerry will be looking to leave his own legacy at the high school level and to win a state title.

The defensive end/linebacker will most likely be one of the top prospects in not only Virginia, but also in America.

So one could say, his legacy has already started for him; but now DeBerry will look to grow his legacy and continue it through high school and in college, wherever he may end up at.

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