July 8, 2014

Up Close: Bam Adebayo

Tar Heel Illustrated -- What campuses have you visited thus far? Which ones have you seen up close and personal?

Adebayo -- NC State, North Carolina and I've been to Duke.

THI --Aside from yourself obviously and your family, who else will be involved in the decision that you make?

Adebayo --Eric Peartree. Nobody is really influencing me. Everyone tells me 'like it's your choice'. You have to go there, you have to play there, you have to go to the classes. It's your choice. You are the one that has to make the decision.

THI -- You are obviously a guy with a lot of natural ability. You're an athlete and you play hard. And you've been very productive inside and on the boards. You have the offer from North Carolina, NC State and others you recently picked up an offer from Kansas. It's looking more and more like you're going to be able to play a lot of different schools. You have a lot of options. So how does a particular school sell you? How do they get you to come to their school? What are YOU looking for?

Adebayo -- When I see them play, I'm just looking for how I fit in. How do they play, how do they run the floor. How they run their offense. Do they go through the big men or is it just straight guard play? I am looking at things like that.

THI --So going through the big men on offense is something that you look for. And a fast-paced team that runs is something that you are looking for. So when you see a school, like for instance, North Carolina, they like to run and they work the ball through the big men. Do you agree with that or do you see that when you watch them?

Adebayo -- I do. I do see that.

THI -- Tell me more about what you see with regards to big man play at Carolina…

Adebayo -- Yeah, I see it. Coach (Roy) knows if they (the big men) are rolling, give them the ball, give them the ball.

THI -- And speaking of Roy Williams. What has he done to make an impact with you? What has done to personally impact your recruitment from Carolina?

Adebayo -- It wasn't really Roy as much as it was the atmosphere at Carolina. When (the team) comes out the fans are yelling, screaming and going crazy. It made me feel great because I was like 'one of these days when I am in college, it's going to feel great and the same way.

THI -- It's easy to see that you like North Carolina and there's a fan down in there. Does the fandom play a role with you or no?

Adebayo -- I just want to find a place where I have a good fit. The fan in me doesn't really come out. I just want to find a place where I see a good fit and where I am going to be good at.

THI -- Your mentor, Eric Peartree, has told me previously in prior conversations, that playing with a good point guard is important to you. Do you feel that way? And why?

Adebayo -- It's very important because if you don't play with a good point guard, then the offense doesn't flow like it's supposed to. And then it gets hectic and you have fussing on the court and we don't need that on the court.

THI -- Out of the schools recruiting you, the ones that you are considering…who is a point guard that stands out to you?

Adebayo -- Marcus Paige.

THI -- Yes, he's a talented guy. Why Paige? What stands out about him to you?

Adebayo -- He is a scoring guard, but he can also pass and do the little things, play defense. I also like Quinn Cook, because he's a defense man. If the other team's guard is scoring, they'll tell Quinn Cook to get on him and he'll possibly lock him down.

THI -- So you have all of the interest and your stock is rising. The offers are coming in. When do you take the recruitment and start to narrow things down or get closer to making a move. Will you cut your list?

Adebayo -- Yeah, I possibly will, probably my senior year or something.

THI -- So this a ways off from developing? No chance that you make a college decision in the next three months or so?

Adebayo -- No, not at all.

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