January 28, 2008

McCarron picks up offers, narrows list

UGA and OU have or will offer

"Georgia offered me last week. My offensive coordinator is good friends with Coach Bobo at Georgia so he told him about me. They saw my film and offered me. That was a big offer. I like Georgia. They have a good program and they run the same type offense we run. I'll take a visit up there at some point to check them out," McCarron said. "Also, Oklahoma told my coaches they were coming this week to offer me a scholarship. They just saw my film and wanted to come here for to offer and not do it over the phone. I like them too. They have a great program and I'm curious to learn more about them.

"I'm hearing from a lot of other schools like Clemson, Notre Dame and West Virginia who could be close to offering. They are all coming to see me when they can."

Narrows list and when he will decide.

"I have over 15 offers right now but my favorites are Oklahoma. Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Auburn. That is my top five. I'm not saying I'm ruling anyone out because I will listen to anyone but those are the ones I feel the most comfortable with," McCarron said. "They are all good solid programs, coaching staff that are on the rise and aren't too far from home. All of them have offered or will have this next week so I'm going to focus on them for now and take some visits.

"I plan to commit in the spring. I could probably do it now but I want to help some of my teammates with college coaches coming through. We have some others guys with good potential and I think the more exposure the better it will be for them."


"I love Alabama especially the fans. I know there was a big uproar about me picking Auburn to win this year but I was just being honest. I didn't expect Alabama to get beat bad I just said if they played like they did against Mississippi State it could happen. I read the fans reaction and it showed me how passionate they are which is what I love about them," McCarron said. "I grew up around Alabama fans like my dad so I understand that the fans expect a lot out of that program and they should because it has a ton of history and tradition. I have a great relationship with the coaching staff and some of the players. I also feel like I could go in and have a chance to compete for playing time which is all I can ask for."

Hood and Barron:

"I know a lot is being made out of Destin and Mark taking visits but this is a once in a lifetime experience. They will never get to do this so I can understand them wanting to have fun," McCarron said. "Both of them are great people and good friends. I have no doubt they are both going to end up Alabama. They both love it up there."

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