March 6, 2008

Abilene linebacker keeps adding offers

As each day passes in the recruitment of star linebacker Chris Williams, it seems as though his stock rises just a little bit more. Already holding offers from schools like Texas Tech, Arizona, LSU, Baylor, and Tennessee, Williams has recently added a few more offers to his list.

"On the recruiting front, I've just kind of been trying to take it slow," said the 6-foot, 230-pound linebacker. "I did get some new offers though. I recently got offered by Oklahoma, New Mexico, and TCU, so that's always nice to know more programs want you."

Though he is hoping to take his time in making a decision, Williams was looking forward to getting out to Texas Tech's junior day last weekend, a trip that never came to fruition.

"I didn't end up getting to go up to junior day at Tech," he explained. "I was bummed out, but basically I had to take the SAT, so I couldn't even make it in late. That meant I had to miss that basketball game too, when they beat Texas, but I really needed to take that test."

Williams, who carries a GPA in the 80's on a scale of 100, says he's covering every area he can think of when it comes to academics.

"I'm going to take the SAT again in May," he explained. "I heard you might not do too great on your first try, so I decided to make sure I get that out of the way. I'll also just keep working hard in the classroom to make sure I get the best grades I can."

As for now, Williams is looking forward to next season, when he hopes to lead his Abilene Eagles back to the state playoffs.
"I played weakside linebacker last year, but our middle backer made all the calls," he explained. "But this year, I'm still going to get to play weakside, but they're going to let me make all the calls from the WILL spot. I'm excited about that. In terms of college, I don't know where I'll play. I'll play inside, outside, wherever. Just wherever I can get out there and help my team the most."

Williams is at his best when he's running around making plays and is looking for a school who will let him fly to the ball.

"I know that at Texas Tech, they got Coach Ruff as their new defensive coordinator and he's changing everything about what they do there and making it way more aggressive, which I really like," said the linebacker. "Then there's OU, I know they usually have a good D, so does LSU, and then Texas has always had pretty good defensive players and Derrick Johnson is from there too."

Defensive schemes will be one of the things Williams looks for this summer when he visits schools' summer camps, an experience he says he's looking forward to.

"I'm probably going to try to go to LSU and maybe OU's camps, and maybe Texas' too. I'm definitely going to Texas Tech's camp, and I want to get out and see everything I can and become a better football player."

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