August 21, 2008

Scales having an eventful August

It hasn't been an ordinary August for Killeen High School and Texas A&M commit Rhontae Scales. For one thing, the big offensive lineman and his teammates wanted to do something a little different this August in comparison to previous two a days. With the blessing of head coach Sam Jones, they decided to get Mohawk hair cuts as a sign of unity.

Given the fact that Scales and many of his teammates are the offspring of U.S. military personnel stationed at nearby Fort Hood, their idea appears to go against the grain of what you would expect. However, the most surprising aspect is the fact that it wasn't Scales or any of his teammates that actually suggested the idea. It was Scales' father, an active duty solider, who actually sold his son on the idea.

"My dad was telling me that in high school he and his teammates all got haircuts that were just alike," said the 6-foot-6, 299-pound Scales. "They got Mohawks. The offensive linemen and defensive linemen all went to the same barber and all of the other guys went to their own barbers."

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