February 11, 2009

Just Joshin': The Best of 2009

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Just Joshin' is a commentary article written by SoonerScoop.com associate editor Josh McCuistion. It's a lighthearted look at any topic possible relating to Oklahoma athletics.

As members of Oklahoma's 2009 recruiting class get closer and closer to graduation they'll start to be handed awards and mostly of the cheesy variety. Things like most athletic, or most likely to be successful, and while SoonerScoop.com won't be picking the player with the best eyes or worse yet best couple it's time to hand out a few awards to the class of 2009.

From the typical to the strange there are plenty of moments to relive in the Sooners No. 13 ranked class of 2009. Take a look as SoonerScoop.com breaks down the best of, and sometimes worst of, 2009. Be it a 'most likely' or a 'best of' Just Joshin' takes a look at the odds and ends of 2009.

Best OfSurprises: Where else can you really start but Lufkin, Texas superstar defensive tackle Jamarkus McFarland. Aside from our old buddy Felo is there anyone who at this time last year thought Oklahoma would be signing him last Wednesday? I think we all know I'd be lying worse than Lane Kiffin to say I had some inkling OU could steal him away from Texas and LSU.

Although, between arguably Oklahoma's two biggest commitments Gabe Lynn and McFarland I had my birthday and Christmas brought to a screeching halt in the same week. And yes they were lucky I didn't use my "clout" to see a drop in the rankings.

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