July 7, 2009

Sooners eyeing Dallas area tight end

Over the past few months Oklahoma's recruiting has taken a serious upturn in terms of filling it's needs but one position that remains a mystery is tight end. A new name that has emerged on Oklahoma's radar, following an unofficial visit late last month, is Trent Smiley of Frisco (Texas) Wakeland.

Little is known about the 6-foot-4, 225-pound tight end but with offers from Florida State, Iowa State, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma State, Wake Forest, and others it would seem that what is known about his talent is appreciated by college coaches.

Smiley's trip to Norman was his first and while much was under construction he says that he still had a great idea of what it might be like to be a Sooner.

"It was awesome. I had a great time; they showed me everything that they could. Some of it is under construction so we couldn't get into some of it. And I got to talk to some of the players as well," Smiley said.

While Smiley is starting to look at Oklahoma he says that should the Sooners decide to get more serious bout their interest he would hold them in the same category as schools that have been involved with him from the very outset of his recruitment.

"Compared to some of the interest from Wake Forest, or Kansas. Schools that have been around since the beginning I would say that they are relatively new to my list," he said.

"I think they are interested, they still needed to get my highlight tape but coach Bob Stoops and coach Kevin Wilson are interested, so hopefully we can get the ball rolling with them.

"I think that them being Oklahoma I would give them a good strong look, they definitely have some good points about them. They are a great program, great team, great players and coaches. But I have to weigh them like everyone else."

Smiley has plans to see many more campuses through the summer and fall with no intention of slowing down to make a commitment. However if a decision presents itself he isn't against an early decision.

"I want to hit every place, all of my offers. But if I do go to a place and absolutely fall in love with the players and the coaches, and everything then you know," he said. "If I get to that place and realize, then I think I would make a commitment but as of right now I'm going to wait until I see every place."

The thing that has surprised Smiley has been the fact that many of his offers have come from the Southeast and Atlantic coast area. Often such a peculiar list of offers is evidence of a player moving away during his college career.

The move-in case certainly applies to Smiley thought he didn't hail from the region in which most of his offers have come from.

"It's something we have definitely talked about. You know some of the bigger offers, Florida State, Wake Forest, Kentucky they are a little farther away than some of the other places like Norman, Houston, or Stillwater," he said. "The ones that are closer, it's a good thing because my family can come see me a little easier but they would all be very supportive and behind me if I was to go farther from home.

"Actually I moved down here from Chicago but that was in eighth grade, so five years ago. So I haven't really been here that long, I've travelled a lot in my life so moving some place new would not be something that would phase me."

Tomorrow Smiley will head to Wake Forest followed quickly by a trip to Florida State on July 13.

With so little being known about a player with no film on Rivals.com Smiley took the opportunity to break down his game a bit.

"I would say that I'm pretty well-rounded. I did a lot more blocking last year, I tore my ACL my sophomore year so the speed and agility weren't my strongest points over the past couple of years but I think my route running and speed have definitely improved," he said.

"My speed has come back up I've went from running about a 4.9-second to 40-yard dash to a 4..6 so I think my speed has definitely improved."

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