July 16, 2009

LB prospect talks new offer

Denver (CO) Mullen defender Nduka Onyeali piled up some of the most eye popping numbers during his sophomore and junior seasons. As a sophomore Onyeali had 71 tackles and nine sacks, as a junior the numbers continued to climb as he totaled 105 tackles and 19 sacks. That kind of play has had coaches take notice as he has offers from coast to coast.

Onyeali, 6-foot-1, 225 pounds holds offers from Arizona State, Colorado, and Kansas to name a few. At the start of the week the Big East came calling.

" Syracuse just offered me on Tuesday," Onyeali said. "I was a little surprised, but it was a good thing though."

What was it about the three star prospect that Syracuse liked?

"They just said that I am a player that they like and that and that I remind them of Dwight Freeney and that was a nice compliment. They also like my speed and explosiveness."

The Denver area product has not held the Orange offer long and he has not had a great chance to research the school. Even though he has not done research he has a teammate in his ear telling him how nice Syracuse is.

"There is a lot of history in the football program. The school and everything I heard the area was nice, that is what Jonny [Miller] said," Onyeali stated. "I have not really looked at them, but I am going to look at them more on the computer."

Jonny Miller a teammate of Onyeali recently committed to the Orange. Could the fact that Miller is at Syracuse impact the decision of the future defensive end?

"I think it might, if it were to come down to Syracuse and another school that might be a factor."

A visit has not been taken to Syracuse, but one could be in the works a couple months from now.

"I did promise my boy Jonny that I would take a visit out there with him. I will take an official probably."

A trip to Syracuse may come later on, but a few trips could be taken very soon.

"I am trying to gout like these last few weeks to Kansas and places like that. Places that I can drive to like Colorado and look at their school."

Standing at just over six feet tall puts him on the shorter side when it comes to the defensive end position. His height is not going to stop him as he feels that he has parts in his game that make him stronger than others.

"I think that it is my speed, explosives, and strength. I have surprising strength. I do not use it much, but every now and then I will use it against an offensive lineman."

With his strength and speed there is one other aspect of his game that helps him compete.

"There is a few players that I watch. I guess I pick up a few things from whatever player does it the best. Like Dwight [Freeney} his speed and spin move is something I take from Dwight Freeney. For another player it would be Michael Strahan and his bull rush because a bull rush is big power. And then another player would be like Reggie White and his club. I just pick up on little moves and then I use them as my own and improve them a little bit."

With the recruiting process nearing the halfway mark the defensive prospect will not be looking to make a decision anytime soon.

"I will probably decide during the season like midseason or towards the end. I am going to take my official visits before I make my decision."

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