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Will the Heels get either Brian Butch or David Padgett? How good are our chances?
Dale Teal
Jason Parten: Dale, UNC has a good chance with Butch, although he has seven other schools on his list. Padgett may be a little harder to land simply because he may very well wind up with Roy and the boys out in Jayhawk land.
Is there any hard evidence that Carolina has a blue-chip big man willing to commit to our team next year to go with the talent of this year’s team?
Garry L.Trollinger
JP: Garry, there is no evidence at this point that any big men list UNC as their leader, although several have the Heels on their final list.
Is David Padgett or Brian Butch more likely to wear a powder blue jersey, and if one of them commits what are our chances of still getting LaMarcus Aldridge? Thanks!
Alex Jones
JP: Alex, the Heels would take a commitment from either Butch or Padgett, but there are no leaders at this point for either one of them. It is still way too early to tell on Aldridge, although UNC has offered.
What's going on Mr. Jason? I just want to ask you who do you think will be the starting five in the 2003-2004 season? My guess: Felton, McCants, Manuel, J.Willams, B.Butch.
Markus Lawrence
JP: Markus, what happened to this year(2002-2003)? Ask me in a year and I can probably answer the question better. By the way, Brian Butch has not even committed to UNC yet (remember what happened last year?).
I read in the paper a few months back that North Carolina had signed six recruits but every time I look up who they have signed, I only see five players. Did they sign six, or was the paper just wrong?
JP: Mark, the Heels only have five players who are coming in on grants. They have one walk-on (David Noel) who was promised a grant his sophomore year, so he will actually be taking a grant from the class of
Why don't I see anything on Carolina Blue about the twins from Seattle, Washington? Did they change their mind about coming to Carolina?
Maurice Wray
JP: Maurice, I have mentioned before that the Heels are no longer recruiting the twins because UNC is overloaded at the wing position, and also because there are only four grants to give over the next two years.
First of all, I know LeBron James is on his way to the NBA. But just for the sake of an argument, in your opinion if he was to go to college out of his five choices who do think gets him?
Antoine Cuthbertson
JP: Antoine, no argument here, the NBA has the best chance to land King James.
Why is it so hard for Carolina to sign a big man? If you're a center in the upper echelon of your graduating class, it's almost certain you’re going to start for the Heels, since they don't have a true center. So why do big men shy away? Also, do we have a real shot at Brian Butch or is he going to shun the Heels like recent big men?
New Castle, Pa.
JP: Dave, it seems almost impossible for the Heels to get a top-flight center, but keep in mind several centers from the class of 2001 landed in the NBA, and many from the class of 2002 chose to stay close to home. Doherty and his hard-working assistants will be able to bring home a big man from the class of 2003.
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