Adams Coach Says Yes, His Dad Says No

Gaines Adams a 6-foot-6, 240-pound tight end and defensive end from Fork Union (Va.) Military was listed in several North Carolina newspapers as being verbally committed to the Tar Heels.
From what we have learned, it seems as if most if not all of the reporters for those stories talked to Adams' coach for confirmation of his commitment.
Adams coach did indeed say that he had verballed to the Tar Heels.

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However, Mike Farrell of AERecruiting obtained conflicting information about Gaines Adams possible commitment.
Farrell was able to interview Gaines father, and he received the following quote: "There’s no doubt that he’s (Gaines) always loved North Carolina. But it’s not a done deal yet."
Gaines Adams himself has not made a statement to the press about his decision at this time, we will keep you informed with any updates.