Baddour explains Ramsay situation

Hours before kickoff against Clemson, North Carolina learned it would lose yet another player as part of the NCAA investigations.
Junior fullback Devon Ramsay was held out due to information gathered as part of the ongoing review.
On the same day, the school announced that senior safety Jonathan Smith, who had been held out to this point in the season, was declared ineligible but would have a season of eligibility remaining.
"I've been saying all along that it's an ongoing investigation and we would go where the information would lead us,' Baddour said in an interview before the game.
One of the challenges of the inquiry, Baddour said, was that the information - discovered the day before the Clemson game - that led to Ramsey being held out was about possible violations that were three years old.
While that would seem to imply that Ramsey was part of the academic investigation and not the agent one, Baddour said he didn't "want to identify anyone with any particular side."
The other big question that goes along with Ramsey being held out is what would happen to the games Carolina has already played with him in the lineup this season.
While other players were held out as a precaution so no wins would have to be vacated, Ramsey took the field.
Baddour couldn't say definitively how the NCAA would act on that, but expressed the idea that the "good faith" nature of Carolina' self-investigation might mitigate any penalties.
"We've been in frequent contact with the NCAA," he said. "They signed of on the process we're using."
The other question is whether the investigation will result in more players being held out. The presumption was that anyone who could possibly be part of the investigations was already being held out.
But Baddour explained the investigation as sort of working outward from a core group, like concentric circles.
While he said he thinks that the school is "evolving toward some closure" he didn't rule out the possibility that more players could be caught up in the investigations.
"I didn't think this one would," he said, "so I hope not."