Buntings Press Conference Quotes

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Opening Statement: "We are looking forward to this week's game [against Wake Forest], this is a big game every year for us. It has obviously been a game that we have had our struggles in, in the two years we have faced them. They are a good football team. They win a lot of football games, they have great talent. They have a scheme that is different and it takes an awful lot of great preparation to get ready for their offense and their defense because they are different from a lot of teams. They are very good on special teams. That (Willie) Idlette kid can return kicks. (Chris) Barclay, I think they are better at that position then they were last year, he is special. He hits the hole fast, he is tough. He is like their whole mentality, he is tough, physical and he is quick. He makes things happen.
"So we are going to have to be a heck of a lot better than we were last week in order to compete with Wake Forest. We are doing a lot of good things. I mentioned on Sunday Shelton Bynum played well and Puff Thomas played well. Larry Edwards did some good things. There were also some other players that played well. Chase Page played well for us, and that was good to see. We continue to do some other good things, Michael Waddell and Mike Mason on the kick returns, David Wooldridge is doing an excellent job since taking over the punting position.
"At 1-8 we are not very happy with the record at all, as you would guess. We are just hopeful that we can play better as a team this week and compete better. You are going to have to do that with Wake Forest. They are very competitive. Most teams we play are. We have been competitive this year. There are two games, where at some point in the game we weren't, Virginia being one and Maryland for three minutes and 46 seconds. We were out of the loop there. Hopefully we can put that behind us and get back and have a great week of practice and get ready for Wake Forest.
"It was interesting, I noted on Sunday that at one point in time out there in the game, I look out there and there are five true freshmen starting for us out there at the skill positions: the three wideouts, Jon Hamlett and Ronnie McGill all out there at the same time and that is remarkable. They are great players. They are doing a very fine job now. They are learning through the process of playing, through mistakes, through the good things that they do, but every repetition for them on the game field is kind of new for them. They are doing a great job and I appreciate all the things they are doing. The 13 true freshmen that are playing are doing a great job. Some of the upperclassmen are doing a great job. I am still pleased with our offensive line. They are doing a good job, they really are. We just have to get better at the back end this week and tackle better. We better bring our big boy pads to take on Wake Forest."
Q: Is Bobby Blizzard running around and moving any?
A: "Yes he is. We got good news on him this morning. We are hopeful that he'll practice some this afternoon and then be back full on Wednesday."
Q: Wake Forest's running game has gotten better as the year has gone along. Anything you can see for that improvement?
A: "Well their offensive line played really well last week. They always have a tough, physical, 'get after you' offensive line. That is what I saw last week against Clemson. I think the running back is kind of a new player for them in that he is starting this year. He is getting in sync with those guys. I think their quarterback (Cory) Randolph is very, very talented. I really do. You know they haven't had to throw too much in a couple games, but last year he is the one that really put the game away against us. There were several third down situations where he came up with the big throw. He is a threat to run, he is a threat to pass, he is a lot like our guy [Darian Durant]."
Q: Madison Hedgecock's first game at defensive end was at Wake Forest last year. How is he doing?
A: "He is playing well. He is really playing well. On our core special teams, he is probably our first or second best player. He is playing a lot of snaps at defensive end, doing a great job. I am really, really proud of him."
Q: How do you think the crowd will be like this Saturday?
A: "I think we will have a great crowd because I think these great fans of ours are terrific. Wake Forest will have a group over here. I know that our fans want to continue to support this football program. I know that they are anxious to continue to see the exciting players that we have on this football team. We have not won many games, we have won one, but we have played some exciting football. I think we have been fun to watch for the most part, with the exception of maybe the second half of the Florida State game. The Virginia game, the second half of that game things got out of hand and obviously up at Maryland there wasn't very much excitement after the second half of the game. We played harder then I thought we played, when I watched it on tape against Maryland.
"So I think that this is a football team that the fans want to show their appreciation for the effort and they are excited about the future by watching some of these young players emerge and continuing to see some of the older players that they are getting their last chances to see. Dexter Reid, Jeb Terry, those guys. You know, 'What is Darian Durant going to do this week.' I think we still play a very exciting brand of football. It is always interesting to see what we are going to do on defense, that is for sure."
Q: Talk about Chad Scott's play.
A: "He's doing a great job. You know, four touchdowns in the last couple of weeks. He is really coming on, making a lot of plays for us. He is kind of the guy that I said was hopeful he could make some big, long runs for us and finish off those runs off. That is what he has done. He has got a good feel for the game, we just have to keep him healthy. That is why I want to continue to recruit a bigger back to go along with the smaller back. We need that, like Ronnie McGill fits that. Big back, small back. Two types of guys that can go in there and run the football. But Chad Scott, when he gets out in the open field, he is going to make a lot of people miss. That is what he is doing."