Thursday was the first day in over a year and a half that college coaches could hit the road and take live visits. Staffs all across the country were on high school campuses and in high school gymnasiums watching their prioritized recruits.

Hubert Davis and his staff were no different, and two things were obvious. First, just as in their summer AAU recruiting style there was strength in numbers. The coaches traveled in a pack. One of the most popular shots from Thursday was the Instagram picture of Davis, Jeff Lebo, and Brad Frederick with G.G. Jackson.

Secondly, there is already a major emphasis on underclassmen. While many coaching staffs were focusing on high school seniors, the UNC staff were in to see two highly coveted juniors and a sophomore.

The results were that the staff made several stops in the Carolinas to show interest and identify who their top priorities in the future could very well be.