CB talks to Ed Davis

Carolina Blue's Clint Jackson caught up with 6-8 PF Ed Davis, the newest prospect to make a verbal pledge to UNC. We sat down with the rising senior and talked about all things Carolina. Enjoy this FREE insight into his big decision.
CAROLINA BLUE: Talk about how your verbal commitment took place....your dad said you made up your mind and told them at the Peach Jam?
DAVIS- It actually took place over a text message. It was during the Peach Jam. I saw the UNC coaches there and I had sent them a text message and told them that I would be coming to Carolina. I sent the message to Coach Robinson.

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CB - Your father sounds like he's the most excited person on the planet over this. Talk about how your father feels about Carolina...
DAVIS: He's just always thought they had the best tradition and he's real excited about the way they play, with their big men being so involved and the way that they run the floor. He's always favored Carolina.
CB - When did you just realize..."Hey I want to get this over with? Have you known for some time?
DAVIS: It was at the Peach Jam. I just thought that I was ready to go ahead and get this over with. I really wanted to just move on the concentrate on other things, like winning the national championships (AAU).
CB- Your thoughts on Larry Drew Jr. and playing with him in Chapel Hill?
DAVIS: I definitely think it's going to be a good thing. He and I have talked about it for awhile.
CB- Is there anyone else you and Larry would like to help recruit to UNC?
DAVIS: Iman Shumpert. We'd like to get him to come to Carolina with us. And the big guy, Tyler Zeller too.
CB: What kind of relationship exists already between yourself and the staff of UNC?
DAVIS: Well, they've been recruiting me since tenth grade, so there's already a relationship there.
CB: What are your impressions of Roy Williams?
DAVIS: I really haven't been to any of his practices yet, so I don't really know that much yet. I do know he's one of the best coaches in the college game though and I'm ready to put in the work and learn all I can from him and the rest of the coaches though.
CB: What kind of role do you think you can play at Carolina upon your arrival?
DAVIS: Like I said, I just want to come in and work hard. Try to get a starting position, but just really do whatever is needed from me to help win.
CB: What kind of things do you hope to improve on, basketball wise, in your last season at Benedictine ...what areas need improvement before you get to Chapel Hill?
DAVIS: The main thing is my weight. I want to try and put on a lot of weight before I get there. Ofcourse, working on every aspect of my game will help me when I get there, but mainly shooting. I think I've really got to work on my shooting.
CB: You're what, 215 now? How much do you think you want to put on before getting there?
DAVIS: I think right around 230 would be a good weight for me for my freshman year, so I want to put on about 15 more pounds.
CB- We all know your dad is excited about UNC and obviously you are. How's your mother feeling about all of this? Is she having a tough time with it or is she on board now?
DAVIS: She's on board now. It took awhile, but she's on board.
CB- Was it true that she might have favored UVA a little bit during this process?
DAVIS: I wouldn't say that she favored them, but she had a real good relationship with them. She just wanted me to really take my time and wait until August, but I was ready to go ahead and make the call.
CB - Congrats on your decision. We'll be watching you next year at Benedictine as well.
DAVIS - Thanks.