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Class of 2025 UNC Commit Farrell Has Another Great Visit

Logan Farrell is a 6-foot-3, 235-pound 3-star tight end from Arlington Heights, IL, who committed to play for North Carolina last November over Cincinnati, Duke, Illinois, Louisville, and Syracuse.

The No. 16 player in the state and No. 34 overall tight end for the Class of 2025 spoke at length with THI about his most recent trip to UNC earlier this month, where he visited the facilities, the coaching staff, and took in the Tar Heels’ basketball game with Duke.

“That was my fourth visit, and every time I’ve gone down there, it just makes me more and more excited to get (to UNC) and go play as soon as I can,” he said.

Here is the rest of our interview with him:


THI: From start to finish, break down the details of your big visit to Carolina.

FARRELL: "Sure. We woke up early on Friday morning and flew down from Chicago. We were actually a little bit on our own for the visit that day before the (Duke) game. We got a closer look at how things run day-to-day and how the football players train. So, I met with the strength and conditioning staff, and we went to see the Academic Advisor. She was awesome. She gave us the whole run down of the academics for when we get here, and what (UNC's) plan is for us, and how (that is incorporated) into daily life with practice and everything.

“On Saturday, we headed to the facility around 12:30. We went out with (Offensive Analyst) Caleb Pickrell, and he led us around campus. We went to Sup Dogs, had some lunch, came back, and chilled in the players lounge. They showed us an NIL presentation, and then, we got to take some pictures in the retro uniforms before going to the basketball game.”

THI: As an old popular saying goes, the strength and conditioning coach is the second-most important coach on the football staff, only behind the head coach. With that being said, tell me what your impression was of Brian Hess and his operation after getting a close-up on how he prepares the Tar Heels to play on Saturdays?

FARRELL: "I met Hess and the staff, and they are a bunch of good dudes. He said that I would be spending a lot of time with him. They have great energy and intensity, and during the entire workout, the team was having fun. The strength staff is just keeping the team together, and they're hard at work."

THI: Describe the atmosphere and the experience you had at Carolina’s basketball game against Duke.

FARRELL: “That was my first-ever college basketball game. I mean, I couldn’t have gotten any more lucky or be more spoiled than that. It was the game you would dream of seeing, especially considering how great each of those teams are playing right now. The environment was absolutely electric, from tip-off until the final seconds ticked off, when all of the students left for Franklin Street. When we got escorted out with two minutes left, we saw the mob of kids running out to celebrate. It was like a zombie apocalypse.”

THI: Were you able to speak with tight ends coach Freddie Kitchens, and how did your conversation go with your future position coach?

FARRELL: “We got a chance to sit down and talk with both Coach Kitchens and Coach Chip Lindsey, and they were just talking about how they were excited for our futures. I think I reminded them a lot of John Copenhaver. I can get out in some space and also stick my head in a run block. They said I can be versatile, and that’s what I really want to do.”

THI: Can you go into a little bit more detail on your conversation with Freddie Kitchens on how he sees you fitting into the offensive scheme as a tight end?

FARRELL: “I talk to Coach Freddie all the time. A big thing we talked about was how the tight ends room is young right now, so obviously (John Copenhaver and Bryson Nesbit) are both coming back for one more year, and Jake Johnson came out of the portal from Texas A&M. But other than that, it’s who’s in the room right now. So, they’ve got a pretty full room right now, and it’s a bunch of young guys. But after next year, Nesbit and Copenhaver are gone, so it’s anyone’s job for the taking. I believe I will be able to come in and compete right away. I’m close with Ryan Ward and Timothy Lawson. I know both of them, and they are great guys. So, I can’t wait to get in there and compete. Obviously, it’s going to be a great room.”

THI: How was your conversation with head coach Mack Brown during your most recent return trip to Chapel Hill?

FARRELL: “I mean, it’s awesome every time. He’s a legend. We saw him when we walked in for the Jordan Experience and into the football photo shoot room where we were taking pictures, and I said ‘what's up’ to him. Then, we saw (Brown) again at dinner. We talked to him for a little bit. We also got a chance to see him at the game. Offensive Tackle commit Trey Blue and I got to sit next to Coach Brown and his wife, ‘Miss Sally’ (Brown) and talk to them at the basketball game.”

THI: When do you plan to make a return trip to Chapel Hill?

FARRELL: “They started releasing dates for official visits, and I think they (are offered) as early as April. So, I think we may come back for a spring practice date. But the next time I come, it will be my official visit, which will take place in either the spring or the summer. They said they would send some dates within the next couple of weeks or months, and once I get a chance to look those over, I’ll start looking into when we’re going to come down for an official visit.”

THI: Any other important details from the visit?

FARRELL: “Yes. We got to meet the new defensive staff at the game. I got to sit down with defensive coordinator Geoff Collins, who came from Georgia Tech. We got a chance to sit down and meet with him for a little bit. He was super cool. (Collins) came up to me and said ‘hey Travis Kelce’ because I got a buzz cut. He’s a great dude.”

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