Clints Notebook: Tywon Lawson

North Carolina fans can expect to see five main things next year from McDonalds All-American Tywon Lawson. What are those five things you ask?
Speed. Agility. Precision. Poise. Leadership.
A basic bullet with the ball, Tywon Lawson has the ability to play with a high amount of speed, but also a high amount of precision. Athletically, he's very well conditioned and motors up and down the floor with consistent effort. He never seems to tire. And he gets it done on both ends of the floor.
He excels in an up tempo setting both as a distributor and a scorer. He RUNS the offense and penetrates the seams to make the offense happen.
We love the fact that he takes PRIDE in his defense. This isn't one of those guys who's just on the floor to show off his dribbling and passing. He likes to STOP the opposition. He moves his feet, uses his strength and keeps his hands active in the passing lanes.
Lawson never takes a play off.
His end to end speed is in the upper echelon of pointmen from the last four years and he often utilizes a quick pull up jumper from mid range to cash in on the transition opportunities. He's also a capable - but streaky - long range shooter. And his most consistent method of scoring might actually be a floater that he frequently utilizes to score over shot blockers inside the lane.
He's a very polished ball-handler that navigates traffic and keeps his dribble alive against good defense. A PURE point guard with eyes in the back of his head, Lawson excels with his decision making. He's not a high turnover type of guard, but seems to make quick, correct and bold decisions with the rock.
And talk about his feet...he's got some of the best feet that we've seen, Lawson has great balance and changes directions like hummingbird. His shifting, shaking and baking leave the defense as stunned as an Ali right hook.
Lawson was quickly secured by the UNC staff after a brief infatuation with Georgia Tech and Paul Hewitt. It was no secret to anyone who knew Lawson that he wanted to play his college basketball in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Roy Williams quickly secured the commitment of the muscular 190 pound speedster. And his performances quickly vaulted him atop the national rankings.
After a visit to Chapel Hill with fellow top junior Kevin Durant - it was just a matter of time.
"That kid is so good. He's got a motor and can get from point A to point B so quick, it's crazy. He plays the game under control and makes good, smart decisions with the ball. He's got an ability to roll up the floor and pull up on a dime and nail the jumper. But he's a true point guard in every sense of the word. He creates opportunities for his teammates and opens things up out there. He's a great passer too." -- STEVE SMITH, Head Coach of Oak Hill Academy
BEST ATTRIBUTES: Speed, strength, decision making, defense, agility, leadership
NEEDS WORK: Long range shooting consistency, mid range jumper