Whenever possible, the staff at puts a great deal of pride into evaluating the prospects and recruits that the UNC staff is interested in. But in some cases, we certainly can't see them all.
Such is the case with 6-10 John Henson of Round Rock (TX). In these cases, we go to some of the most respected scouts in the business to get the best analysis and pass it on to our subscribers.
In this report, CB's Clint Jackson catches up with national analysts' Jerry Meyer and Justin Young, as well as Texas-based scout Marc Maggard of Roundball Recruiting. Check out what each scout has to say in this CB Exclusive.
Young evaluates the nation's top prospects and is a major influence on the national rankings for Here is what he has to say about Henson:
"When you are talking about pure potential and upside, he's one of the best in the class of 2009," says Young. "He keeps growing and keeps improving by the month. There is a ton of potential with him. Henson is one of those kids that just grew and didn't stop. He's maintained his wing skills all the while, learning how to be a producer in the paint."
"Of course, he'll need to find some good places to eat on Franklin Street in order to fill out his frame," Young added. "The cliche of 'the sky is the limit' is tossed around way too much in our business, but with him, it is truly legit. Off the court, he's a great kid, good student, fine teammate and a gentleman. Total package kind of player."
Meyer, evaluates the nation's top prospects and is a major influence on the national rankings for
"Henson is a budding prospect. At a very thin 6-foot-8, Henson is an intriguing combo forward prospect," says Meyer. "His weight would be more of an issue if he were primarily an interior player, but Henson prefers to face the basket."
"He is developing a reliable three-pointer, and although his ball handling has room for improvement, he does have the ability to slash to the rim. Defensively, his length causes problems."
MARC MAGGARD of Roundball Recruiting ---
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"Yeah, I've seen him lots. He lives 15 minutes from me in Round Rock. He's a face the basket combo forward," says Maggard. " He plays in the Tayshaun Prince STYLE of play, but isn't that good yet. He's oozing with potential. He's about 6-10 and a real thin guy, but he's not a post guy, so it's not as big a deal."
"He shoots the three well enough to have to step out and guard him. He gets to the rim better than most 6-10 guys," he added. "He's got a good handle for most PF's, but since he's a perimeter guy, he's going to have to improve it to drive on smaller guys. I see him playing the same kind of position as Tayshaun Prince played at UK."
"He can play some 'three'. His length causes problems on the quicker guys, even if they beat him off the dribble, he can recover from behind," Maggard continues. "He isn't strong, so you don't want him getting posted up by a big strong guy. I have no idea if he'll be able to add the weight, but if he just adds a little and gets stronger, he should be really really good."
"I am surprised that he left Texas. All the stuff I was hearing was that he was going to play for UT. He'll fit in perfect with UNC's style of play."