Gamecocks commit talks about coaching switch

The recent news of South Carolina head football coach Lou Holtz retiring has left many mixed emotions throughout Gamecock country.
For Kenny McKinley, a North Carolina target and South Carolina commit, things are no different.
Holtz is the man that recruited McKinley and the one who persuaded him to choose the Gamecocks. He is also the man that was going to give him a look at both quarterback and wide receiver.
So sure, there is some level of sadness, but that sadness quickly turned to excitement. Not because Holtz is leaving, but because Steve Spurrier is coming.
Along with him, he's bringing his much-publicized Fun 'n Gun offense.
The wide-open offense calls for a more traditional and pro-style quarterback, something that McKinley is not. So, does this mean his future is at wideout?
Most likely, yes.
"He will probably use me as a wide receiver," McKinley said. "I have never seen him use a quarterback like me. I'm OK with it though."
Not only is he OK with it, he's energized at just the thoughts of it.
"It really excites me. I like the way the offense allows you to get the ball downfield," he said. "He (Spurrier) just runs a fun and exciting offense. It could really be a great thing for me."
Now that McKinley's destiny seems to be at wide receiver for South Carolina and Spurrier, will he still make his official visits to UNC and Tulane?
"Yeah, I'll still make my visits. I've come this far along with everything, so I'll still go. I want to be sure I am making the right decision by choosing South Carolina," he said.
Despite his comments on visiting UNC, McKinley did point out that with the news of Spurrier becoming the coach; the door for the other two schools is almost entirely shut.