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In-State 2026 WR Jaire Richburg Has UNC High on His List

Jaire Richburg, a 6-foot-3, 180-pound class of 2026 local wide receiver, and teammate of North Carolina 2025 quarterback commit Bryce Davis, was recently offered by the Tar Heels.

Richburg, who attends East Forsyth High School in Kernersville, NC, caught UNC’s eye by catching passes from the future Carolina QB.

He received the news after turning in a big performance during his varsity basketball game, where he recorded two dunks.

“I got the offer after that, and Bryce said that he was so happy for me,” Richburg told THI. “I was like, ‘this is crazy, I just can’t wait to post this (on social media).”

The prospect, who hopes to return to campus in the spring, was already on hand in Chapel Hill for the Tar Heels’ dramatic 47-45 overtime win over Duke on Nov. 11, where he experienced a fervent gameday environment at Kenan Stadium under the Saturday night lights.

“That game was crazy. People were pushing down the stairs to get to the field, and I really liked when they (flickered) the lights during the touchdowns,” he said. “I would love to play in that atmosphere and environment, especially during a night game.”

Richburg is also garnering offers from Appalachian State, Boston College, Duke, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia, but he after the offer from UNC, he is high on the Tar Heels. Here is the rest of our interview with him:


THI: What is your reaction to your big offer from the Tar Heels?

RICHBURG: “It was great. I’ve been (to Chapel Hill) a few times, and I’ve talked to Coach Galloway before. Finally earning that offer just felt surreal, pretty much.”

THI: With Lonnie Galloway developing exceptional talent at Carolina and, teaching and mentoring guys like NFL Draft prospect Tez Walker, who played in the Senior Bowl on Saturday, Washington Commanders’ Dyami Brown, the first UNC wide receiver to have 1,000 yards or more in multiple seasons, and others throughout his tenure, producing four overall players that were drafted since 2012, how do you feel about the potential for the Tar Heels’ coach to develop you as a player on the field?

RICHBURG: “(Galloway) just has that personality. He just wants the best out of everyone. He coaches. He told me he coached Tavon Austin back during his West Virginia days. I was just like, ‘wow, that’s crazy.’ And Kevin White. So yeah, I would love to play for Coach Galloway for sure.”

THI: How do you feel you would fit into offensive coordinator Chip Lindsay’s balanced attack that finished No. 2 in the ACC and No. 20 in the NCAA last season with 34.5 points per game, only behind Florida State in the conference?

RICHBURG: “I like to compare myself to Tez, because he’s pretty big. (Tez) is about 6-foot-3, and (we have) similar route running. He’s catching with strong hands. I just like to go up there and get the ball. When I see him, I just think to myself, ‘that could be me one day.’ And Galloway was definitely ‘on them’ for sure. I like a test, and I know that coach would push me to get better.”

THI: Where does UNC stand in your recruitment early in the process competing alongside competitors from the area and the state?

Richburg: “(They) are actually in my Top Five right now. They’re really close with me, and obviously, Coach Galloway plays a factor. I’ve also met with Coach Chip (Lindsey), too. He’s a good guy. And I also like Mack Brown.”

THI: Describe your relationship with Coach Lonnie Galloway off the field.

RICHBURG: “When it comes to Coach Galloway, we are already building that relationship. He has come to two of my basketball games so far. We just talk on the sideline and things like that.”

THI: What have your conversations been like at those games?

RICHBURG: “He’s always joking with me. So, (Galloway) would come to my basketball games, and say ‘you can’t shoot,’ and things like that. He just wants me to go (to campus) and spend some time with him so I can get to know him better and see how (Galloway) develops his receivers on the field.”

THI: When do you plan to return to campus for a visit?

RICHBURG: “Bryce and I are actually trying to plan some (dates) when we could go up there and check it out. I just want to continue building my relationship with Coach Galloway, see the facilities, and talk to the players. And hopefully, I can see how they practice this spring.”

THI: What are your thoughts on Hall of Fame coach Mack Brown as a person, along with his accomplishments on the field?

RICHBURG: “He actually came by my high school to meet with Bryce Brown, and I got to talk to him a bit when I ran into him. Mack is a legend and playing under him would be a dream come true, and all of the accolades he has are really impressive.”

THI: What are your thoughts on potentially playing alongside QB1, high school teammate, and close friend, Bryce Baker?

RICHBURG: “He’s going to recruit me hard. (Bryce) was waiting for that offer as well. When he heard I got the offer, he was really happy for me. Obviously, the quarterback wants his go-to receiver, so I think the possibilities of teaming up with him sound amazing.”

THI: What are your thoughts on the system Chip Lindsey implemented during his first season as offensive coordinator with Carolina in 2023, and how do you think you and Bryce Baker could potentially fit into the Tar Heels’ scheme in the future?

RICHBURG: “I think that Bryce and I would seamlessly just fit into their style of offense. They like to throw the ball a lot. They threw it to Tez and J.J. on go routes, where they just go up and get it. It’s a perfect balance of running and passing. I like that offense, for sure.”

THI: When recruits talk about positive aspects trending favorably towards UNC, they mention campus, facilities and the Tar Heels’ famous Jordan Brand. Tell me what you like about one of those favorite aspects about Carolina and what you like about it.

RICHBURG: “Just the cleats, gloves, and everything with the Jordan Brand. Everything Jordan sponsored, I would be looking ‘drippy’ on the field. I love UNC with their Jordan Brand, and just Micheal Jordan and his legacy at UNC.”

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