Roy Williams postgame comments

What did UNC head coach Roy Williams have to say after his team improved to 16-0 with a 93-81 victory over UNC-Asheville Wednesday night?
Opening comments…..
"I feel like I have said this several times, (but) we feel very fortunate to have won. We did not play our best, but you have to give credit to UNC-Asheville. They really did some things that made it difficult for us. (K.J.) Garland and (Bryan) Smithson are two very good basketball players. I think they are fifth-year seniors. They show experience and know how to play."
Thoughts about UNC-Asheville's performance…..
"I really think they were a load for us. I don't think we really got them under control for any portion of the game. If we did, then we started missing shots and turning over the basketball. I thought Ty Lawson was really good, especially in the second half. He was much better. In the first half he had four assists and zero turnovers, which is pretty impressive as well. UNC-Asheville is a good basketball team. They had Tennessee 22-23, and I think the game ended up being a 10 or 11-point game. They beat South Carolina at South Carolina."
"I think Eddie (Biedenbach) has done a really nice job, and I will be really surprised if they do not have a really good year. We have got to get better. We have got to guard people better. I told the guys the non-conference season is over with, and congratulated them. There is not many teams that I have coached that have gone undefeated through non-conference play. Now we have fifteen straight ACC games, and we have to get ready to play."
Thoughts about whether or not Wednesday's performance was an emotional letdown after the Clemson victory…..
"Everybody is going to ask if it was an emotional letdown after the game against Clemson. I don't know if you can buy into that. It sounds more like an excuse to me. We have to do a heck of a of a lot better job guarding the basketball. I feel like a broken record because I have said that all year long. I thought that was key, and we didn't do as good a job as I wanted to. The big guy (UNC-A center Kenny George) is a load inside. There is no question. He blocked a couple shots, but he changed about a million. He only had four blocks, but it is hard to take your normal shots or go in there (in the paint)."
Thoughts about Tyler Hansbrough's dunk over Kenny George…..
"Well, he should (take the ball in strong). If you have a guy who is 7-7, 7-8, blocking everything, you have to take it in strong. That is what I told him. Don't give me a finger roll. That stuff went out with (former NBA legend) "Ice" Gervin."
Thoughts about Danny Green's performance…..
"Danny has got to get better defensively. I watch that end of the floor, and you heard me scream at him. You can't give the guy a ticket to the basket. We are not a bunch of ushers."
Thoughts about the return of Alex Stepheson…..
"I think he was probably a little anxious. He was gone a week, and missed a couple games. I feel so badly for him, because he had five fouls, and they were not hard fouls. It was a frustrating night for him, but we are happy to have him back."