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Surratt On Film Room, Playing On The Road & Being Healthy

CHAPEL HILL – THI caught up with UNC redshirt freshman quarterback Chazz Surratt after Tuesday’s practice to discuss what he saw on film from the Louisville game, his health and more as the Tar Heels prepare to play at Old Dominion on Saturday.

*Surratt said the offense did some good things Saturday but let it slip away by not being more productive.

*The value of film room can never be overstated, and for Surratt, he finally got to see himself on film versus a reputable FBS opponent.

“It was definitely good to see myself on film for the first time. I made improvement from week one to week two, so I’m just trying to continue to get better every day. I thought I was more poised in the pocket, made good decisions when I was in there. I’m just trying to get better every week.”

*Surratt will approach his first road game as a college player the same as he did the first two games of this season, both of which were at home.

“Same approach, but being on the road it’s going to be a different situation, a situation I’ve never been in. So I’m really focusing on communication this week. That’s what my coaches have been preaching, communication. It’s going to be loud, so that’s the big thing.”

Surratt, by the way, traveled to every road game, dressed and went through warmups a year ago. So the process won’t be completely foreign to him.

*Surratt was sore Sunday morning, but after getting some treatment he was fine Monday morning.