TarHeelIllustrated - THI Podcast: In-Depth On UNC Hoops' Big Week
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THI Podcast: In-Depth On UNC Hoops' Big Week

THI Publisher Andrew Jones and Directory of Basketball Recruiting and analyst David Sisk dive deep into North Carolina’s two wins last week over Michigan and at Georgia Tech.

AJ & David discuss the many things that went well with the Tar Heels’ performances, their defense, Caleb Love’s improved overall play, Armando Bacot down low, RJ Davis working with Love in the backcourt, the efficiency and simplicity of UNC’s late-game offensive attack at Tech, what Leaky Black is giving them, use of the bench, and more.

This is a thoughtful, fascinating conversation that peels away the layers on the 6-2 Tar Heels.

*Video edits by Jacob Turner.


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