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THI Special Promo: 30 Days FREE

Tar Heel Illustrated is your home for comprehensive coverage of North Carolina Tar Heels football, basketball, and recruiting. THI goes where UNC goes and offers unique and thorough coverage of your Tar Heels.

Our message boards are full of passionate Carolina fans who have a deep knowledge of the Tar Heels and help make our boards a respectful and informative place to hang out. Our staff is always on the boards interacting, and if you have a question for us, we will surely respond.

You can become a member of our community for FREE. Just sign up and hang out at THI for 30 days getting access to everything we do from our premium content to our entertaining and considerate message boards, including regular interaction with the THI staff, who are always on the boards posting tidbits we don't run on our front page and fielding questions from the community.

Hubert Davis’ basketball Tar Heels are reloaded and ready to return to their usual perch atop the ACC and contend for a Final Four, so now is a great time to enter the fray and become a part of the THI community.

THI is run by longtime ACC veteran journalist Andrew Jones, who brings a perspective unlike anyone else covering the Tar Heels. Deana King is all over football recruiting and extremely well-connected around the state. David Sisk, a college, AAU, and high school basketball coach for three decades, handles our UNC hoops recruiting. He also provides outstanding analysis of the hoos Heels.

The rest of our 10-member staff follow THI's high standard of journalistic excellence while also understanding the needs of UNC fans. So come join our community and tell us what you think about the Tar Heels. We look forward to our interaction.

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