TarHeelIllustrated - THI TV: 2023 Greensboro DL Jamaal Jarrett Talks Tar Heels
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THI TV: 2023 Greensboro DL Jamaal Jarrett Talks Tar Heels

DURHAM, NC – THI was on hand Sunday at the VTO Sports High School Regional Combine at Durham County Stadium and caught up with a couple of major class of 2023 North Carolina football targets.

Jamaal Jarrett is an offensive and defensive lineman who attends Ben Smith High School in Greensboro, NC. At 6-foot-5 and 302 pounds, he has an offer sheet that includes Penn State, Florida, Virginia Tech, and NC State among many others. UNC has also offered.

Jarrett is listed as an offensive lineman by Rivals, but Jarrett wants to play defense and worked solely on the defensive line at Sunday’s camp.

THI spoke with Jarrett following the camp session to discuss his recruitment, Mack Brown, and the Tar Heels.

Above is the full video of our interview with Sampson and below is the full transcript of what he had to say:

THI: UNC was the first team to offer you, what thoughts did you have when the home state school gave you your first offer?

JARRETT: I was happy. It was a blessing. I talked to Coach (Lonnie) Galloway and it blew my mind that day. That was it, I was just happy, man.

THI: So, Coach Galloway is your leader recruiter and for that area, what do you like about Coach Galloway?

JARRETT: He’s cool, he’s cool. Even on the phone, he’s a chill dude. He talks to you, asks how your day is and everything, he’s a real cool dude.

THI: What are your thoughts about what Mack Brown has been doing at UNC, this will be his third season back for his second time at UNC. SO what do you think about what they’ve been doing building the program?

JARRETT: Grinding. I was watching Diego Pounds, man, the linemen up there are different, man. They’ve been working, I can tell.

THI: You play both offensive line and defensive line, do you have a preference? And where do you think you’re future’s gonna be?

JARRETT: Me, I like defense, but all the coaches tell me offense is the money maker. But I like defense.

THI: You said you plan on camping at UNC, so have you ever met Coach Brown or any of the coaches?

JARRETT: No, mam.

THI: What are your feelings about finally getting to meet some of the coaches face-to-face?

JARRETT: I want to ask them questions, get used to the place. UNC, I really want to go meet them. They’re really nice.

THI: North Carolina has tried to improve their presence in the Greensboro area. They’ve got Myles Murphy and Jahvaree Ritzie and RaRa Dillworth from Kernersville, do you know those guys? What’s your relationship with them?

JARRETT: I don’t really know any of them, but I’ve heard a lot about Myles Murphy. He’s a really good player.