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THI TV: 5-Star PG Jaden Bradley Discusses UNC, Recruitment

THI was in Winston-Salem on Sunday and spoke with major class of 2022 UNC target Jaden Bradley.
THI was in Winston-Salem on Sunday and spoke with major class of 2022 UNC target Jaden Bradley. (Jacob Turner/THI)

Jaden Bradley video interview posted below the transcript.

WINSTON-SALEM, NC – THI was on hand Sunday at the CP3 Memorial Classic at the CP3 Academy to check out major North Carolina class of 2022 target 5-star point guard Jaden Bradley, who will take an official visit to UNC beginning June 15.

The event, which is run by former Wake Forest and current NBA star Chris Paul and held at his facility, began Friday night and ran through Sunday afternoon.

Bradley has long been a UNC target, first with former coach Roy Williams and now with Hubert Davis. Bradley told THI in early April he didn’t know Davis much, but has since gotten to know him better and is looking forward to getting on campus in a couple of weeks to continue that relationship.

Bradley is rated the No. 18 overall prospect nationally in the class of 2022 and also holds offers from Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan, Florida, Florida State, and many others.

THI caught up with him following his CP3 team’s game Sunday morning. Here is what he had to say:

THI: How was it being out there and playing against some elite competition?

BRADLEY: Just being out for a little bit, we haven’t played in (a while). Definitely some big competition and a great battle, and I think we got better today.

THI: What is it like being at IMG and competing against some elite guys down there?

BRADLEY: Definitely different. Like you said, competing against some of the best of the best every day. It’s definitely going to get you better, so I love it.

THI: Have you noticed a big jump in your game just playing down there and practicing with guys that are on that level?

BRADLEY: Yeah, just like skill set. You’re not going to be able to bully everybody, so my skill set has gotten better.

THI: To people who haven’t seen your game much, how would you describe how you play, your game?

BRADLEY: I would describe my game as a downhill point guard, loves to get his teammates involved and do whatever it takes to win.

THI: Talking about your recruitment a little, you have an official visit coming up to Carolina, what kind of communication have you had with Hubert Davis since he took over?

BRADLEY: He’s got some big shoes to fill, but I think he can definitely do it. We’ve had conversations through text messages, phone calls, just trying to get to know me, and we’ll talk more once I get down there. I’m looking forward to it.

THI: Have you had discussions about the playing style he will have and being a point guard in that style?

BRADLEY: We’ve had brief discussions but not fully yet. We’re going to (discuss) that more when I get down there.

THI: I know the relationship with Hubert is young still, but what do you like about him?

BRADLEY: He has a nice personality, he tries to relate to the players, so that’s a good thing, definitely.

THI: As far as your recruitment as a whole, you’ve got a ton of blue blood offers, any other schools standing out right now or is it pretty even?

BRADLEY: I can’t pick one school. They’re definitely all showing love, all showing me that they want me.

THI: When it comes to picking a school, what are you looking for the most?

BRADLEY: Just a family environment, somewhere I can thrive, I fit in the system, and the coaches just make me look good and I make them look good, too.

THI: And proximity isn’t a big thing, you’re willing to go anywhere to the right school?

BRADLEY: Yes, sir.

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