TarHeelIllustrated - THI TV: Catching Up With 2021 Commit Kamarro Edmonds
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THI TV: Catching Up With 2021 Commit Kamarro Edmonds

GREENVILLE, NC – THI was on hand for the VTO Sports High School Regional Football Showcase on Sunday at J.H. Rose High School where we caught up with 3-star class of 2021 North Carolina commit Kamarro Edmonds.

Edmonds came away with the RB MVP award competing with more than 125 athletes.

At 5-foot-11 and 227 pounds, Edmonds committed to UNC on April 3. He is rated the No. 22 overall prospect in North Carolina.

Here is our interview:

THI: What are you hoping to do out here today?

EDMONDS: “I’m just here to compete, see what talent is out here. I haven’t done one-on-ones, seven-on-sevens in a while, so I’m just out here to compete and see what I’ve got to do better.”

THI: What have you been doing during the pandemic to stay in shape?

EDMONDS: “I’ve just been working out. I’ve got my own weight set in my garage and I’ve got a field, so I’ve been working out every day since this quarantine has been going on.”

THI: What are your thoughts on the Tar Heels, they got that big loss last night, so what are your thoughts on that?

EDMONDS: “I was a little upset last night, but they came back, so I was a little happy. Those three drops hurt us. I know we’re going to bounce back from it.”

THI: This is a great recruiting class, a tight knit group, you guys talk about this on the group chat?

EDMONDS: “Yeah, we talk every day. We’re always through facetime and we just check on each other. Sometimes, we plan a trip to go meet up somewhere, go get some food and just hang out and have some fun. Get to know each other a little bit better.”

THI: So, you’ve got 17 commits, are you recruiting anybody to the group?

EDMONDS: “The last person we recruited was Diego, so I guess it’s time to start recruiting the 2022 class. Gotta get them boys excited, too.”