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THI TV: Catching Up With 2023 UNC Commit G.G. Jackson

(NOTE: Full video above, full transcript below)

GREENSBORO, NC – THI was on hand for the Josh Level Classic on Saturday night at Dudley High School, and afterward caught up with class of 2023 North Carolina commit G.G. Jackson.

Jackson, who participated in the event, announced his pledge for Hubert Davis and the Tar Heels on April 27. So, among the things we asked him was about how things have changed since then, what he wants to improve on before arriving in Chapel Hill in 12 months, and who else he and fellow 2023 UNC commit Simeon Wilcher might be pushing for in their class.

Jackson, who is 6-foot-9 and 200 pounds, is the No. 1 player overall nationally in the class of 2023. Wilcher, a point guard, is the No. 10 overall player.

Here is the complete transcript from our interview with G.G. Jackson:


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THI: What was it like out there playing tonight, you had a pretty good game, too?

JACKSON: “At first, I never really knew much about the Josh Level Classic, but I did some research about it and seen that a lot of NBA guys have come through here. So, I feel like playing in this could push me to that next step and get to the league. And you saw everybody out here had fun, packed crowd, so it was good to get out here.”

THI: You committed to UNC about a month ago, how much has your life changed since committing to Carolina?

JACKSON: “Definitely, college coaches – the recruitment part of it died down. I’m taking a lot more pictures, if that makes sense (smiling). Everything is pretty much the same. I just thank God for the blessing that he has bestowed upon me and my family. I think my life is going to change a lot more when I get there, so I’m just gonna wait for that.”

THI: You stood out there taking pictures for like 300 minutes for sure.

JACKSON: (Nods in agreement, laughs.)

THI: You have a year until you get to Carolina, but what are you looking to improve in your game before you get there?

JACKSON: “Definitely being a consistent shot maker. I feel like I kind of am now once I get going a little bit. I didn’t really showcase it a lot (tonight), I was just getting downhill. But definitely a consistent shot maker.”

THI: Are you in communication with any players more so than others at Carolina right now?

JACKSON: “Definitely close to Justin (McKoy), Puff (Johnson), and Caleb Love. Armando (Bacot) hits me up from time to time, but I know he’s pretty busy. I feel like I’m starting to build a relationship with those guys. Caleb, he calls me every now and then, (and) we’ll sit on the phone for like 20-30 minutes. He’s trying to get me to come up there early with them guys. It’s just a good relationship I have with them.”

THI: The relationship with the coaching staff was obviously big in your decision, but what is that relationship like now Hubert Davis and the staff?

JACKSON: “It’s the best as far as coach and player-wise, I feel like. He definitely prioritized me as his number one option, and he wanted me the most. And it wasn’t all about basketball. He introduced me to his family, we got to eat in his house, which was big for me. Coach (Jeff) Lebo, the entire coaching staff. Me and Coach (Sean) May we are always making jokes. It’s like family over there.”

THI: Last question for you, in terms of other guys in 2023, you and Simeon Wilcher, are you actively looking to recruit someone else?

JACKSON: “We’re working on Matas right now; Matas Buzelis.” (Smiling again)

THI: I was going to ask you about him. What stands out about his game?

JACKSON: “He’s a humungous guard, and he’s so nice. He’s not a selfish player, and with Simeon, he’s not a selfish player either. I feel like we can converge with those guys and have a good thing going on.”