TarHeelIllustrated - THI TV: Charlton Warren Summer Presser & Notes
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THI TV: Charlton Warren Summer Presser & Notes

CHAPEL HILL – North Carolina’s football program held its summer press conference on Wednesday at the Kenan Football Center in which every assistant coach and 12 players were made available to the media.

As we roll through each interview, here is what defensive backs coach Charlton Warren had to say during his 13-minute Q&A session with the assembled media.


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*Warren went into depth about the defensive backs on the roster.

*When discussing the DBs, he emphasized the need for consistency in their performances, as individuals and collectively.

*Along those lines, more consistency is expected with the new more simplified scheme under Warren and Gene Chizik.

*Warren was asked a really good and interesting question about how spread offenses with the RPOs taking center stage in recent years were met with increasingly complicated defenses in college football. Many coaches thought the best way to counter the many nuances injected into the game over the last decade was to out-scheme offenses. But perhaps simpler schemes with basic football 101 attacks still make the most sense.

*Warren discussed where Tony Grimes is at this point in his career and the expectations he has for the junior CB.

*In addition, a follow-up was asked about Grimes. Lots of good stuff here on Grimes.

*He also went into why his relationship with Chizik has endured over the years.