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THI TV: Drake Maye On This Fall, Enrolling Early & More

THI caught up with UNC 4-star 2021 commit Drake Maye on Thursday to get the latest with him, including some news.
THI caught up with UNC 4-star 2021 commit Drake Maye on Thursday to get the latest with him, including some news. (THI)

Drake Maye is just a few months away from officially being a Tar Heel. As in on campus and working out with the rest of the Tar Heels.

THI caught up with the 4-star class of 2021 North Carolina commit Thursday afternoon to discuss his decision to enroll early, what he’s doing this fall and what he gained from participating in some competitive events this past summer.

Maye is rated the No. 8 overall quarterback in the nation in his class, the No. 9 overall prospect in talent-rich North Carolina, and he’s rated the No. 135 overall prospect nationally for the class of 2021.

Here is the full video of the interview as well as a complete transcript of what Maye had to say:

THI: How are you doing today Drake?

MAYE: "I'm doing great. How about yourself?"

THI: You have been really busy during the summer and with the pandemic going on. You’ve been going to 7-on-7s and camps. How has that been for you?

MAYE: "You know what it's been fun. I've enjoyed the Elite 11 and the Quarterback Collective had a thing that I really enjoyed. Just going out to the 7-on-7s and throwing with the Carolina Stars. It's been awesome without having football and obviously got cancelled this fall. Just going out there having the opportunity to play with some of the best guys in Charlotte. It was real fun and I was glad I got to do it."

THI: You mentioned the Elite 11. You have a future teammate that was based in Nashville that came out and saw you in 4-star offensive tackle Eli Sutton. How was it to meet Eli out there and how was it with him coming out to support you at that event?

MAYE: "Oh, it was awesome. I went over there. We got there on Friday and I ate dinner at his house Friday night. It was awesome getting to meet him and he's a great player. I think it just shows what kind of family the Carolina Football is going to create. I think it's going to be fun next couple of years for sure."

THI: The recruiting class that you guys have. You’ve got 17 right now, you would have had 18 but of course Tony Grimes reclassed and playing for the Tar Heels now. What are your thoughts on this group? How tight-knit are you guys?

MAYE: "It's everyday communication. We are in a group chat and we actually got Tony in it the group chat as well just because we still classify him as a 21. The guys are awesome. It's going to be fun when I get there and I can't wait. I mean we were going to start putting North Carolina on notice, but they are already doing it now with a top 5 in the nation. It speaks for itself. It's fun to watch them on Saturdays.”

THI: I'm piggybacking on that and getting your thoughts on Coach Brown and the staff getting the Tar Heels in the top 5? For the first time in over 20 plus years that UNC has been in the top 5. What are your thoughts on that?

MAYE: "I think it is well deserved. Coach Brown has done a great job. It obviously shows with Coach Brown being back what can happen. Sam (Howell) is playing really well and both the running backs are quite the duo. I was actually at the Virginia Tech game last week. Me and Gavin Blackwell went up so we got to watch it. Just that offense it looks pretty fun to play in."

THI: You mentioned the trip to Chapel Hill last week against the Hokies. How weird was that being in the stadium with less than 4,000 people when you probably are going to stadiums last year that was packed and the atmosphere?

MAYE: "You know what, as a player it's a little different you know you obviously want a packed house to play in front of. As a fan it was kind of nice. We got a little separated out and watch the game on our own. The atmosphere we all want to play in of course is a packed house with fans and everything. I look forward to seeing them play against Florida State the weekend."

THI: What's your thoughts on Sam? In the first couple of games, he had trouble connecting on the long ball, but he got rid of that problem first thing hitting another Mecklenburg star you probably know really well in Dyami Brown.

MAYE: "Sam's a great player and obviously fun to watch. He's been great to me and the defenses they been playing against have been making him throw underneath and they been guarding the deep ball on him which is probably a little frustrating. I think he is being patient and he'll let it come. I can't wait to get there and keep working."

THI: With the pandemic being in North Carolina and moving the high school football season to the spring, have you finally decided if you're going to early enroll or play for Myers Park in the spring?

MAYE: "After talking with my family and Coach Chadwick, I think the best thing for me is to go on early. I think the norm now for high school football recruits are to leave early and get there. I think it's the best thing for my future to get there, get enrolled in class, and start in the spring. Go Heels!!"

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