Twenty Questions: Nick Cangelosi

Quarterback Nick Cangelosi became one of the first Tar Heel commitments when he announced his decision in July of last year. Cangelosi talks more in-depth about himself in today's "Twenty Questions" segment.
Who is your favorite sports figure?
My favorite sports figure would be Brett Farve because he is so tough.

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What is your favorite food and restaurant?
My favorite food is sweet lobster ravioli and my favorite restaurant is a little cafe (in his town).
Who is your favorite music artist?
What are your favorite pro sports teams?
The Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers, and the Sacramento Kings.
What is your favorite movie?
Breakfast Club
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to hang out with my boys and play basketball.
If you hadn't signed with UNC, where do you think you would have ended up?
Either Virginia Tech, Boston College, or Rutgers.
What do you plan on majoring in?
I really haven't decided yet.
If Hollywood made a movie about your life who would play you?
Good question... I would have to say Rudy.
What is your most memorable high school game or play?
Probably when I threw 5 touchdowns in one half. It was the last game of the year on Thanksgiving. All of my family was in town and they got to see me play.
What is one thing in life you could not live without?
My mom and my brothers.
What is the funniest/most interesting thing that has happened to you in the recruiting process?
When my dad met Joe Paterno and for the first time and started talking to him like they were best friends. They started talking to each other about the best way to make meatballs.
Once you leave for Chapel Hill, what is the one thing from home you will miss the most?
All my friends and family.
Any piercings or tattoos?
I have my ear pierced, but my dad doesn't like it.
If you could date any celebrity who would it be?
Britney Spears, she is so hot!
What is your favorite vacation spot?
Cancun, Mexico. I've had a lot of good times there.
What kind of car do you drive and what is your dream car?
I drive an Explorer, but I would probably want to drive a Bentley.
What are your favorite T.V. shows?
Becker, MTV Cribs, and of course SportsCenter.
When is your birthday?
February 26, 1985.
Who on this year's upcoming schedule do you most want to beat?
I will go with Florida State I would love to beat them.